“Voice is the muscle of the soul”
Alfred Wolfsohn

Emma teaches voice and movement to both professionals and non-professionals, through acting institutions- such as Manchester Metropolitan University, Rose Bruford Colledge, Cabuia; to theatre and voice ensembles such as Animiki Theatre and the award winning Sutari trio; as well corporate trainings and privately through her own company. While she is based in the UK a large part of her work also happens in Poland.

One student wrote:

‘Emma Bonnici taught me how to open up my voice, my body, my mind and my heart, so that I can be as true and as honest to the art of acting and expressing oneself as possible. I have never experienced anything quite like this training. As a mentor and teacher she was able to create a safe, comforting atmosphere so that I was able to delve deeper into myself than ever before, being guided by Emma along the way. The lessons were truly unique to all my other experiences of vocal training. This way of working has been more than just singing lessons and vocal training; it is a complete and hugely effective approach to actor training. ‘ – Oscar Zito 3rd year student at Rose Bruford College

For me there is a joyful symbiosis in both working with voice, body and stories as an actor and also teaching performance, voice and movement. The combination allows a unique kind of exploration and research where both aspects deeply enrich and expand the other.
In workshops the approach to voice draws on a combination of differing approaches, experiences. It is about the meeting place of the body, voice work and the connection with the individual’s active interior world of personal experience and imagination. It is about coming into contact with ones own authentic voice and expression.
An important teacher and facilitator in this work is polyphonic songs and individual improvisation. The songs allow a more technical aspects of voice to be learned, such as voice placement, resonators, tuning, listening, vocal power and harmonising. But also the songs themselves teach us and offer to us experiences and textures, leading us into emotional landscapes that maybe we have not accessed for a long time. It allows us to be an individual amongst a collective to hold our voice in a conversation and it requires us to be present and available. The songs, which mostly come from ancient traditions, have their own life and power and through singing we have a possibility of receiving this.

“I was watching and listening Emma as she work with each of us in complete harmony, at different levels, in different styles. I admired huge sense, intuition of which she lead us one step further, one step further … masterful lesson. I saw moving picture of how much can happen when we are open, we trust, we give and take in the full unity. I had a feeling that every sound that appears, each quality of voice – loud, quiet, muffled, smooth, rugged or liquid – if only expresses the truth right now – is worth seeing and listening.” Ania Tymes from 11dom


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